Mr Beam: Living room


Human face mapping

Cory Doctrow on the war against general purpose computers

Lockdown: The Coming War on General-Purpose Computing.

Freedom in the future will require us to have the capacity to monitor our devices and set meaningful policies for them; to examine and terminate the software processes that runs on them; and to maintain them as honest servants to our will, not as traitors and spies working for criminals, thugs, and control freaks.

Hacking Marconi’s demo

1903 lulz.

A century ago, one of the world’s first hackers used Morse code insults to disrupt a public demo of Marconi’s wireless telegraph

The restart page

Ang Cui: Print me if you dare

We first present several generic firmware modification attacks against HP printers. Weaknesses within the firmware update process allows the attacker to make arbitrary modifications to the NVRAM contents of the device. The attacks we present exploit a functional vulnerability common to all HP printers, and do not depend on any specific code vulnerability. These attacks cannot be prevented by any authentication mechanism on the printer, and can be delivered over the network, either directly or through a print server (active attack) and as hidden payloads within documents (reflexive attack).

Power sockets across the world

paris lemon vs Google+


Sounds that have disappeared

Robert Krulwich on sounds that have disappeared.